Moore's Law is Not Dead and AI is About to Explode

Apr 11, 2021
  • Historical outcome of Moore's Law is actually accelerating
  • Relative cost of processing is falling like a rock
  • Network & storage are becoming expensive bottlenecks
  • Networking & storage will become distributed & decentralized 
  • Processing is getting pushed to the edge where the data is created
  • Most edge data (99%) won't move back to the cloud - example Tesla - most of the data won't go back to the cloud
  • AI will move from modelling to inference - "Inference is the deployment of the model, taking real-time data from sensors, processing data locally, applying the training that has been developed in the cloud and making micro-adjustments in real time."
  • Most AI will be bought and applied, not built
  • Data becomes the new development kit
  • Implications for hardware, software and services

Image source: Elements


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